Phoenix Taiko Kai perform Hana Matsuri at the Arizona Asian Festival 2010
Learned from Shidara

Phoenix Taiko Kai and Aozora play Ogi Matsuri at the Arizona Asian Festival 2010
Learned from Fujimoto Yoshikazu and the Kodo Apprentices in the streets of Ogi

Phoenix Taiko Kai play Hiryu Sandan Gaeshi at the Arizona Asian Festival 2009

Miyoshi Don Chan at the 2009 Narth American Taiko conference

All Things Taiko – YouTube channel featuring the 2009 North American Taiko Conference

Kawamoto Matsuri at the 2009 Arizona Asian Festival (on Facebook)

Ogi Okesa interval by PTK at 2009 Phoenix Matsuri This we learned on Sadogashima (Sado Island) in Japan. It is the festival passtime of Ogi town, home of KODO.

Ainu chant – Inori some PTK understudies with Fushicho Daiko 2009 Phoenix Matsuri

Fushicho Daiko original composition based on mitsu-uchi (three-beat base rhythm) 2009 Phoenix Matsuri

Shutsujin 2008 Phoenix Matsuri

Ogi Matsuri 2008 Arizona Asian Festival

Ogi Okesa by a local expert

Ogi Okesa by our own Emma and Cassi after their workshop