Kawamoto Matsuri

This is the matsuri tune of the little town of Kawamoto in Shimane-ken north of Hiroshima. Rebecca taught English there for eighteen months and learned it with her high school seniors. We have permission to play it only if we are happy.


An original composition by Cassi deliberately sounding out the different voices of shime, chu and odaiko. It drives along very satisfyingly and has a great finish.

Yatai Bayashi

Our own version of the well known Chichibu Yatai Bayashi separating phrases out between two different drum voices.

Hiryu Sandan Gaeshi

This piece comes from the Osuwa Taiko Group in Nagano, Japan. It calls a dragon to carry good fortune to the event and it begins with a Norito (recitation) asking the elders and ancestors to assist in bringing this dragon. A taiko classic. The first modern kumi daiko piece and a passion of Olga’s, passed to her by Daihachi Oguchi sensei and reinforced by a workshop in 2008 with one of his group.


Hundred people taiko. A festival tune played on massed odaiko. It has two lovely parts that fit together. We added our own intro and vary the speed and the interaction of the two parts.

The Rhythm Of The Heat

Our version of Peter Gabriel’s unique percussion, synth and vocals piece that simply sings to us with the voice of the taiko and the land where we live. A pet passion of Murray.

Hana Matsuri

A snippet of Shidara’s mountain home ‘Flower Festival’ a cheerful dance that celebrates the turning of the seasons and has done for 700 years. We learned this from Shidara on tour in 2008.

Ogi Okesa

The beloved local folk dance of the little port town of Ogi on Sado island. Very simple. To be danced by hundreds of people late into the night. Emma and Cassi learned this from the revered elder women of the town.


The title means running horse. The composer is Moko Igarashi, who lives and teaches in Tokyo, Japan. We learned it from Odaiko Sonora who often play it as a finale and were kind enough to teach us and invite us to play with them at a Southern Arizona Taiko Showcase and at Matsuri. We have not played it in a while and need to teach to our new members!

All-Arizona Taiko Tunes

All of the students in the Fushicho Daiko Dojo have the opportunity and the encouragement to learn tho following tunes so that we can play them en-masse at Matsuri.

Silk Daiko

A beautiful lyrical number from the ladies of Nomura-cho in rural Shikoku.


The first piece composed by taiko stars, Yamato. Taught to us by Takeru Matsushita, who graced our dojo with his humble, uplifting spirit for nearly a year.


“Departure for the Front” a rousing opening to the suite of Suigun Daiko pieces about the navy of the Kono clan.


“Victory” a fiercely cheerful piece, fourth of the  Suigun Daiko suite, celebrating a successful return.

Ogi Matsuri

Written by Fujimoto Yoshikazu of Kodo as a gift for the little port town of Ogi next to where Kodo have their base. Esther-sensei brought this back from Japan many years ago, partly because the Ogi Matsuri event is one of her favourites. A whole new generation of our dojo have a special connection with it now since we went around the town playing it with the townsfolk and the Kodo apprentices in 2007.

Nicho Daiko

A thousand years old, this tune hails from one shrine in one quarter of Hiroshima. It was preserved from being lost forever after the atomic bomb by Munakata-sensei and the Hiroshima Taiko Hozonkai (Historical Preservation Society) which he founded.