Kodo played at the Scottsdale Performing Arts Center tonight. We had front row seats and enjoyed every minute. The opening stately dance was so fluid and light – truly wonderful. Monochrome is still shocking in its intricacy and precision. Stride is full of life. The current odaiko player does not yet achieve the intensity of Fujimoto Yoshikazu, but has a body that a medical class would die for. Or do I mean…
Esther-sensei was able to call in old relationships and let us go to meet them after the show. It was great to greet Masami again who had assisted Yoshikazu in teaching us a workshop a few years ago. And it was wonderful to see Eri playing. She had been an apprentice when we visited Sado in 2007. And it turned out that Kenzo Abe, the dancer is from the town where Esther lived in Japan.
I do not have the words to convey how inspiring their performance is. I no longer have the amazed novelty of a first viewing, and while the longer I play the more I can appreciate their skill in relaxing while they play at the same time as letting their spirit free, it does not diminish the enjoyment and wonder of seeing them perform.

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