Awa Odori unplugged

Today’s workshop on Awa Odori in preparation for Matsuri on Feb 26-27 was quite a success. We proved that we can play well enough to support the Tokushima-ren dancers from LA coming to perform and to participate in the opening parade. The shime and chan-chiki players need to be rock steady and light and driving [...]

Move ‘em up, head ‘em out

Drums that is. We ran our set for Matsuri including drum moves and faced away from the mirror to get used to the lack of feedback. It’s funny we have decided opinions about what would constitute the best way to move the drums but we all settled down and enjoyed playing our pieces together. There [...]


Kodo played at the Scottsdale Performing Arts Center tonight. We had front row seats and enjoyed every minute. The opening stately dance was so fluid and light – truly wonderful. Monochrome is still shocking in its intricacy and precision. Stride is full of life. The current odaiko player does not yet achieve the intensity of [...]