Friends rock!

We can do it! We proved it tonight. PTK ran their set for Matsuri twice. We have someone sick, someone hurt, someone on light duty, some people new to the group this year who haven’t played with us at Matsuri. We all have other life that tugs and trips us. We worked on a lot of ambitious repertoire this year, more All-Arizona numbers than ever before, Hiryu Sandan Gaeshi with a wickedly Japanese opening, a new part of Denki and people to whom the whole of Denki was new and the whole of Yatai, and a completely new piece with vocals, a dramatic change in ji-uchi and more interlocking parts than we have ever done before that is more World Music than taiko. But in these last few weeks, all the practice, experimentation, mutual encouragement and courage of the last year has come together. There are beloved favourite parts we are more comfortable with than others that are newer. There are always things we could do more smoothly, more relaxed and with sharper entertainment value – but there always will be. But right here and now, tonight and this week, we know we can do what we set out to do. We can relax and enjoy sharing our love of taiko at Matsuri.

Gambare masho!

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