Speed, groove and relaxation

Ken’s workshop tonight was again uplifting. I have a mental glitch that helps me reliably forget one of the most well known patterns in all of Taikodom – Miyake. Still I managed to remember it right a few times after many cycles. I’m not quite sure why Ken thinks it is easier for me to [...]

Friends rock!

We can do it! We proved it tonight. PTK ran their set for Matsuri twice. We have someone sick, someone hurt, someone on light duty, some people new to the group this year who haven’t played with us at Matsuri. We all have other life that tugs and trips us. We worked on a lot [...]

Join us at Matsuri 2010

Phoenix Taiko Kai will be performing at 2:50pm on Sunday, February 28th, as part of Matsuri 2010. Join us! We’ll be on the stage nearest 7th St & Monroe in Heritage Square Park. Of course, there’s far more to Matsuri than PTK. In addition to the booths, food, and festive costumes, one of the two Matsuri stages [...]