Hyu-ga Shime

Last night we were graced with the presence of Eileen Morgan to teach us the shime part to Hyu-ga. There was a lot of relaxed and good-natured banter during stretching. And we started kiso no renshu with light hearts and finished with flying hands!

When we started learning the shime line for Hyu-ga I was quite daunted because the first few notes have significant differences which I had trouble picking up. But once we got those down, the rest was surprisingly easy. There are little touches in transitions and we did not even attempt to start the solo part, but the rest is logical and well known to us from practicing the chu part. It really complements it well and helps lift and drive the song. Everyone worked hard and made good progress. Thank you Eileen!

We all forgot of course to bring cameras to video for practice and absent members :( We will video next week!

Then we ran Denki, Hyaku-nin and Yatai.

We did quite well with our first run of Denki without training wheels. But we all need more practice. But we were able to string together ninety plus percent.

Hyaku-nin went well. Useful to practice the funky opening and the verse transitions.

Yatai was as rusty as you’d expect but Robert is doing well in picking up the tune and the phrasing and we got really quite quick. The first time through the chu’s were slightly late in places. Could be because it was the first time and handing off between groups is always harder.

More Hyu-ga shime next week and running Hiryu and Kawamoto, though we’ll be missing Robert and Olga!

Happy birthday to Patrick and Robert! Get well soon to Bennett and his broken wrist!

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