Hyu-ga Shime Part 2

That was the focus of this week’s practice. We reprised all of the accompaniment parts and sprinted through a breakdown of the solo.

It was great to have Carie, Diane and Patrick back and we missed Olga, Robert and Maiko :(

We ran Kawamoto in order to video the Odaiko part for Robert :) or anyone else who wants to learn it. (See next post)

Then we ran Denki. Much kudos to Rebecca for singing the chu part when it dropped out. Apart from a quick restart of the Whirlpool of Death, the rest went very well. We need to get out the Denki chu videos (posted in another blog entry here) and keep

We finished with Shutsujin for old times sake. Gomen nasai that I slowed it down too much in trying not to race the crescendo. Sensei asked for a volunteer for someone else to give the queuing kiai (not just Shutsujin).

A challenging but very worthwhile evening!

Arigato gozaimashita. Otsukaresamadeshita.

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