What did we work on?

We did a pretty short warm up drill.
Then we worked on Denki. Mostly on the two sections immediately following the chu solo #2.
We were able to play the song all the way through to the start of the “whirlpool of death” section :)

The structure of Denki
- Hors d’oevre
- Sandwich
- Chu solo #1 – Pasta or a nice sticky risotto
- Shime solo #1 – Crunchy cruditees
- Odaiko solo #1 – A hearty beef minestrone
- Sandwich
- Chu solo #2 (entree on a bed of Odaiko salad with a light shime dressing)
- Two slices of Toast
- The shared/split line
- The machine section, finishes with crescendo and
- Sandwich
- The Whirlpool of Death
- The dessert trolley approaches – anticipation rises
- Dessert sandwiches with no fuchi just waffles and ice cream with lashings of toppings, umbrellas, sparklers, flambee and blowtorches.

Stuporous silence

Then we ran
- Yatai
- Hyakunin
- Jouba
- Hiryu Sandan Gaeshi
- Kawamoto

Then we stayed after class and kuchishoka’d all of the AATT numbers (No, not really. Just kidding)

It was pretty intense actually :)

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