A/C working

The new Honeywell touchscreen programmable thermostat is in and working. The a/c is a standard single-stage heat pump. One of the wires was connected to a terminal which is never used for heat pumps (W?) BUT it was bridged to a standard heat pump terminal too (Y?). Once I deciphered that, wiring up the new [...]

A Regular Tuesday

Starting to settle into the post summer routine, though we were missing Rebecca, Robert, Carie and Olga through assorted illness and work/travel. We still need to schedule what we will be learning and when, which we will progress in Saturday’s meeting. Air-conditioning was on the fritz. So I took apart the old thermostat and tried [...]

The Costume Discussion

Before I forget, let me summarise the discussion group on costumes that was held at the Taiko Conference. Chairing the discussion and presenting slides and costume examples were P.J. Hirabayashi, Michelle Fuji and Chizuko Endo. Numerous interesting questions were raised, such as: How do we allow for different builds and body types and make everyone [...]

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