Quarterly Business Meeting

Great meeting after a potluck and some fabulous fish tacos from Carie’s man, Dale. Shared a lot of thoughts and feelings, came up with a definite approach to what we want to perform and how we are going to schedule that. Got plans for coloured charts :)

Hyu-Ga Teaching Demo

Last April, Takeru was kind enough to run a series of workshops teaching the first tune Yamato wrote. This video is from late in the workshops where he is running us through the whole chu part. Now seems a good moment to repost this because several Arizona groups are practicing it and it is important [...]

Scruffy San Diego

Or to be more precise, San Diego Taiko sponsored “adam isaac ebert / Scruffy Films” to post this magnificent set of crisp, clear videos of the Taiko Ten concert. Their rather beautifully designed web site is at http://www.sandiegotaiko.org/ They also play taiko rather well.

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