30 Days to Better Shime – Day 10

Finally back on track. Started off ok, then was a day behind. Then Sunday I was two days behind. But caught up tonight with two days. The 16′s drill is really exposing how duff my left hand is. The Ice-Skater drill is fun and very appealing, somehow terribly satisfying. Not perfect yet of course, but [...]

Yoko-uchi – Cassi at the Con

Cassi took notes in the Kaoru Watanabe workshop on Yoko-uchi at NATC09.

First Session of The Plan

We rationed our time. limited our warm ups, worked on Denki and started running through the pieces we, essentially, already know. Also remembered to do our first warm-down stretches. This exposed some rough spots and made us realize that its been a while since we played some of these. But then, that is the point [...]

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