Taiko (and life) lessons at Ignite Phoenix

This past Tuesday, I presented my talk, “Everything I Know, I Learned From Taiko” during Ignite Phoenix, an evening of timed, 5-minute presentations (20 slides, 15 seconds each). The event, held at the Tempe Center for the Arts, was sold out, so I spent five minutes in front of 600 people talking about the joy [...]

Ignite Phoenix #4

Our very own Robert Hoekman had the chance to make a five minute speech “Everything I know I learned from Taiko” to this energetic, entertaining and successful networking evening. His tweets sound like he had fun. I look forward to seeing his blog entry here!

Taiko Ten

Olga and I will have the chance to play Shutsujin with Fushicho Daiko at the Taiko Conference!  Two old acquantances have now made contact to meet at the conference. Looking forward to meeting Linda and Wendy again!

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