Flaming Arcosanti!

Not directly to do with PTK at all but PTK members and taiko. So…  Totally unplanned day yesterday. Just emerging from breakfast when Rome from Odaiko Sonora calls. They are on the road and have forgotten Yatai bachi. Could they borrow some? Sure! 45 minutes later they stop by and then point out that they are playing a number we know well and would we like to play it with them? Err… sure! They are the musical support at Arcosanti that evening for the celebrations of Paolo Soleri‘s 90th birthday where Flam Chen as they have done for many summers will dazzle the audience with stunning costumes and feats of circus skills, stiltwalking, acrobatics and pyrotechnics. Flam Chen and Odaiko Sonora both are based at Tucson’s Rhythm Industry Performance Factory space. So we rushed out, spent the day on placing equipment, tech walk-thru’s and relaxing with a book in the fresh high-country air and shade. The performance was mesmerising and taiko drums the perfect accompaniment. Being run by Italians of course the evening started and ended late. I can say this as my wife is from Italy and I lived there three years :)  after loading and driving home we set out breakfast for Odaiko Sonora, put them to bed and had lights out at 3 AM. Owing to one slight miscommunication the very strenuous Yatai bayashi had to be playing multiple times in a row much to the discomfort of abdomens up to and including vomiting (afterwards offstage – not involving PTK personnel!). A glorious surprise day of taiko.

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