Summer Sensei-tion

Said Goodbye to sensei as she leaves for a fabulous summer trip to Matsuyama, Hiroshima and Nomura-cho. Sigh. On the plus side we worked hard at Shutsujin, Hyu-Ga, Kawamoto and passed on the lore of Hana-Matsuri and Ogi Okesa to new members!

Blistering Pace

Tonight we worked really hard at Shutsujin and especially at Hyu-Ga. I think we mostly embedded the new B-prime section. In fact the whole B-prime long, B-prime short and B-double-prime concept :)  And by “hard” I mean “new blisters” hard. Which means my grip isn’t quite right yet :(  Gambare-massho!

Flaming Arcosanti!

Not directly to do with PTK at all but PTK members and taiko. So…  Totally unplanned day yesterday. Just emerging from breakfast when Rome from Odaiko Sonora calls. They are on the road and have forgotten Yatai bachi. Could they borrow some? Sure! 45 minutes later they stop by and then point out that they [...]

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