It’s a Small World

Huh. You start up a blog in a tool you are unfamiliar with and you find out that one of the group on whose behalf you are blogging was involved with the design of WordPress and uses it extensively.This is what being part of Phoenix Taiko Kai is all about. We all agree to contribute [...]

Quarterly Meeting

We agreed to ask three of the people who have expressed interest and have played with us recently if they would like to join our class. Welcome to Robert, Patrick and Maiko!┬áIn preparation for that we started documening some statements about what PTK is and how it operates. We now have a brief ‘Articles of [...]

Takeru’s Leaving Party

Takeru Matsushita finished his studies here in Phoenix and is heading home to Nara, Japan tomorrow. It was wonderful that his presence brought us back together one more happy time as his humility, kindness and spirit of fun has done during the last year. We had a lot of laughs auctioning off the last few [...]