Tokyo to Nikko (1st Japan trip) – Murray & Emma

Decided not to get up ridiculously early and just let ourselves recover from the hectic late nights. Out of hotel at about 9:15. Walk to Akasaka subway and then to Tokyo station. Long walk to Yaeshu west side to the travel agency to get tickets.Caught the 10:20 Max Yamabiko shinkansen to Utsunomiya in 50 mins. [...]

Oguchi-sensei (1st Japan trip for Murray & Emma)

Oguchi Sensei and O’suwa Daiko at the Aoyama Enkai Geigo 7:30 PM So we actually saw O-suwa daiko perform ‘hiryu sandan gaeshi’. Then he was interviewed and was apparently quite amusing judging by the audience laughter. Shido tried to give us the highlights afterwards. He believes you should show a lot of facial expression. They [...]

Tea with the Abbot (1st Japan trip for Murray & Emma)

After the last of our three intensive days of workshop, Kurumaya-sensei arranged for us to visit the Daianzenji temple after hours. Sensei plays there for special occasions and, we discovered, shares his interest in calligraphy with the abbot. Ken took an omiyage and after the promised tour we had tea with the abbot! He gave [...]

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