First Time Japan Taiko

Drive to Nagoya, stay at Katsuko-san’s parents’ on tatami and futon in attic. Next day to Inuyama with Oyabu-san, barbecue tofu for lunch at Bell Restaurant, Peach Boy Shrine, sit with feet in river talking about MonkeyMountain. Evening onsen, izakaya for supper and drinks, Shinto shrine overlooking city lights.   Morning coffee with Oyabu-san and Kenji, organic [...]

Ogi Matsuri (1st Japan trip for Murray & Emma)

Swam in sea by minshuku. Plan to go to mask maker aborted. Wandered with Eileen. Raided a grocery store and ate on the steps by the sea.Followed the mikoshi being carried.Went to a differennt onsen in the afternoon.Hoping for sushi dinner but many restaurants closed. Drove all the way to Mano in search. Lovely scenic [...]

Nikko day 2 (1st Japan trip for Murray & Emma)

Woke up a bit early for breakfast so went and had a quick bath to loosen up the spine. The two futons helped but not quite enough to avoid a kink in the spine.Breakfast at 08:00 Cast iron pot over an open flame (a paraffin block) with pork, tofu, mushroom and a herb in water. By [...]

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